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Kroezeboom Fleringen

Kroezeboom in Twente

Did you know that the Kroezeboom near Fleringen (Overijssel) is one of the oldest oak trees in the Netherlands? Once upon a time holy...
Mata Hari

Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari accused of spying during WWI

Did you know that Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan Mata Hari was born in Friesland but pretended to be a Javanese princess claiming to...

Mosquitos from Meppel

Did you know that according to an old myth the dome of Meppel's church tower was on fire but by the time the fire brigade...

Maastricht and Nijmegen; former Roman towns

Did you know that Nijmegen (Noviomagus) and Maastricht (Mosae Trajectum) were notable Roman towns during the Roman Empire (55 BC to 410 AD)?

Valkenburg Castle

Did you know that Valkenburg Castle is the only elevated castle in the Netherlands? The castle was built during the 11th century and destroyed...

The only gold rush in the Netherlands

Did you know that Nijverdal is the only place in the Netherlands where a gold rush took place? Around 1900 during the construction of...
Anne Frank

Anne Frank: “I’ll make my voice heard”

"I'll make my voice heard, I'll go out into the world" ~Anne Frank (9 April 1944) Did you know that Anne Frank wanted to be a...

Maple Leaf and Tulip Day

Did you know there are plans to introduce the 'Maple Leaf and Tulip Day' on 5 May as a public holiday in Canada to...

The first game of football in the Netherlands in 1885

Did you know that the first game of football in the Netherlands was played in Enschede in 1885? Local textile baron Jan Bernard van Heek...
Anne Frank

Restoration of Anne Frank’s appartment

Did you know that the apartment in which Anne Frank and her family lived from 1933 until they went into hiding in 1942 has...